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SubSurface Instruments SubSurface Instruments
SubSurface Instruments is an innovating force that designs and manufactures high-frequency & magnetic subsurface locators, PVC pipe detectors, pipe and cable locators and specialty locators.
GasBreaker, Inc. GasBreaker, Inc.
Today, UMAC Excess Flow Valves (EFVs) meet most residential, multiple meter and commercial gas service line applications. Since 1974, UMAC Excess Flow Valves have set the standard with millions installed worldwide. UMAC EFVs are used today in service line
EB Series Ball Valve
EB Series ball valves are part of the growing family of FloLok instrumentation and process ...
Refinery Supply
Dead Weight Pressure Testers and Dead Weight Pressure Gages, Repair & Calibration of Dead Weight ...
Four decades ago, years before regulations required use of joint designs proven capable of preventing ...
Pro-Brace Hydraulic Frame
The Pro-Brace Hydraulic Frame is a hydraulic bracing unit that, when used with interlocking sheet ...
Online and accessible 24/7, ENvision®, empowers its users to produce detailed energy infrastructure maps anywhere ...
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