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CEESI provides calibration, specialized testing, and engineering services that give customers assurance in their equipment. Since 1951, CEESI has been the organization companies trust to ensure safe and efficient operation, accuracy in custody transfer, and reliable test results.

At our world-class calibration and testing facilities in Colorado and Iowa, CEESI calibrates a wide range of flow rates, pressures, and temperatures with numerous test gases. We are able to recreate situations and conditions that occur in the field – which reduces risk and improves performance. Additionally, we conduct specialized testing services on a wide variety of meters, including multiphase wet gas meters with live fluids.

CEESI's participation in measurement comparison programs with other U.S. calibration labs as well as labs in Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Norway, Australia, Russia, China, and the Netherlands provides a mechanism for maintaining the highest level of quality for calibration services. Our staff has written and continues to develop standards for AGA, ISO, and ASME, and regularly serves on industry committees and presents at industry conferences.