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Cryogenic Industries -

Cryogenic Industries with its three subsidiary companies, ACD, Cosmodyne, and Cryoquip, are unrivalled leaders in cryogenic equipment for the natural gas industry.

ACD – ACD, LLC. Is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and turbo machinery for the industrial gas, oil, and alternative fuels industries. Its diverse product line includes a variety of cryogenic pumps for (L/CNG) fuel gas, quick disconnect LNG nozzle for fueling services, high pressure cylinder/storage filling systems, trailer off-loading, bulk transfer, bunkering operations, and storage tank filling. With nearly 50 years of experience, ACD continues to offer highly engineered solutions to the most challenging problems in cryogenic equipment design and operation.

Cosmodyne - Since 1973, Cosmodyne has designed and manufactured over 400 cryogenic plants world-wide for air separation, gas generation, and liquefaction of natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Their small-scale and larger modular process plants are valued for their efficiency, compact size, portability, ease of transportation and rapid on-site installation. Headquartered in Seal Beach, California, USA, Cosmodyne is supported by Cryogenic Industries’ global group of sales, suppliers and service companies. As a specialized engineering company, Cosmodyne’s offerings include a series of standard plants as well as the ability to supply customized solutions.

Cryoquip – Cryoquip is the world’s leading fabricator of cryogenic vaporizers and industrial gas equipment. Cryoquip’s capabilities span the entire spectrum of cryogenic equipment from the fabrication of cold boxes used to manufacture the liquefied gases themselves to equipment that stores and uses the gases in a multitude of applications. Cryoquip is able to design, engineer, and fabricate directly from customer’s process specifications and P&ID’s or from existing fabrication drawings. Cryoquip provides full design solution capability with the latest heat transfer software and design experience using proprietary programs. Cryoquip has been manufacturing cryogenic and industrial gas related equipment for over 50 years.